Welcome to K-LTHR, LeatherWeb's new internet radio broadcast. The world's first radio station dedicated to the leather way of life.   Featuring recorded and live interactive broadcasts brought to you by ROSS & ross.

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Weekends with ROSS & ross

Missed the last show? Then listen Tuesday 8-9pm PST for re- broadcasts of the previous weekends shows.
Thanks for your support. Write or call us anytime. R&r - K-LThR.

We apologize for our lack of precise broadcst times.
This is new technology with it's related glitches. Plus, we live a somewhat spontaneous
lifestyle which is the basis for calling this program "Impromptu Weekends with ROSS & ross"
Tune in, hang around and enjoy some of the flavor of our wonderful life together.

In the near future we will print our archive list here so that you can pick and chose from our
growing library of topics and experiences.


Saturday, March 16th 1:00PM PST
No live broadcasts for the next couple of weeks
See the NOTE above
Sunday, March 17th 8PM-9PM PST
No live broadcasts for the next couple of weeks.
See the NOTE above
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Your hosts: ROSS & ross