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House of Ross
San Francisco Tour

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

It’s been a great American late fall weekend here. Holiday lights up all ‘round outside. I wanted to do it while the weather is good. But it’s in the 20’s at night now. There’s ice and frost in the mornings. Gotta get the card’s out by next weekend, too. Scrubbed the carpets this afternoon and washed the SAAB. Went on a Shopping spree at Safeway and Wal-Mart – stuff for the season. Came back with Quite a wish-list: There was a nice slim-line stereo TV set for $178. that would go nice in the living room here. For $88. there’s a nice am/fm/cd four channel car stereo with USB port for DVD and games and all that good stuff. There’s a $20. sale on any of a bunch of items; deep fryer; canister vacuum cleaner, toaster over, coffee maker. But ya gotta be careful at Wal-Mart. I saw the same stuff in other departments For both $13. and $38. They’re very tricky w/their pricing/s.,

Just finished the dishes. I only do them every two or three days usually. Still need to do the laundry – well then, “wash on Monday”, huh?! Working pretty much full time on web-stuff lately. The good news is that much of it is my own stuff for a change. It feels good. You’ll see. This is part of it, actually.

Sabboth is sleep in a chair. He’ll no doubt be in my lap soon – or else on the bed waiting for me to join him… such a neat cat… purrfect for me. We get along great as independent souls. He’s putting on weight – but not enough to prevent him from running up and down trees and chasing birds.

My new neighbor, David drove in from Tuson and took me for Chinese last night. I watched his house and raked his leaves while he was away. Lots of folks moving around here. Danny & Tina got a house nearby. I’m happy right here for as long as it works – another year maybe. That’s about as far ahead as I can think these days. Everyday’s a blessing with plenty to do and lots of neat surprises. There’s been a trip every week for the past month. This has been a year full of fun day-trips. There were two this past week.

On Tuesday was the unexpected trip to Sacramento to take friend Arthur to hospital. Then on Friday I drove down to Marin to meet up with friend Jeff who is a live-aboard on his sailboat anchored offshore in Sausalito. I didn’t know I would find myself out on the bay in a 10’ dingy going against the current and wind. I was soon wet but too excited to be cold. You’ll find the pictures here. What a day.

After the splash on the bay I drove the SAAB over the Golden Gate Bridge and met up w/Daddy Laura. We took her Land Rover over to Pier 39 to check out the houseboat we’re negotiating on. What a fun day. We drove though downtown on the way back to my car. I put the seat back and enjoy’d the holiday lights atop the buildings through the sunroof. Laura took off for San Jose and I headed up to the Castro to do my errands: coffee from the Castro Chezery. A light dinner at The Cove – I like to sit in the window and people watch and read the weekly rags.

Down on the corner of 18th and Castro is the old Hibernia Bank where rodtney performed on weekends for 17 years. I put some of his ashes there in the garden in front. When I got there I said, “Wow!”, rodt’s under the Christmas tree. They’ve put a 40’ tall one right there over his spot. : Wonderful!

I strolled around and window shopped and breathed in my fix. Then I got in the car, which, BTW, always find’s it’s parking spot, and drove down to Union Square to enjoy the Christmas lights on the major department stores there. Beautiful! I guess it was about 9pm when I headed home. Really didn’t feel like going to any of the clubs – even though it was Friday night. It’s too much unless I stay over. As it was I got home about midnight. And then I stay’d up another two more working on all the pictures. So this was the second 20 hour tour of the week.

There’s no way to write about all that I do in one place at one time. So I’m doing a parallel web-site for The House Of Ross in terms of relationship. The real news there is that last month I completed a three week ritual of renewal for myself. One of the outcomes of this is a tighter and stronger focus going forward. I’m continuing to work towards completion of rodt’s memorial site – and then to move full-speed ahead on our book. Meanwhile I’ve got at least two cars to fix a.s.a.p. Tuesday is rodtney’s second re-birth day. I was up on our hill in the city to celebrate with him a couple of weeks ago.

The other thing not included here is anything about my being a media junkie. Much of the time there are at least two sources happening around here – plus the internet. It keeps me going when no one’s around. People come by but I’d really rather be creating something so I don’t hang-out too much. Life is in the doing. Balance, balance, balance, right?! Everything in moderation. Diet but good food. Exiercise by working. I rest when I need to; take lots of pictures, and read myself to sleep sometimes if I don’t just pass out from all the happenings.

Blessings to my extended family and online community including my cyber roomate Leatherboy Ross. I hope you have a great Holiday Month!



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