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The Global Leather Village Welcomes Leather on Q!

LeatherWeb is designed "for the curious and the committed".
Itís a pansexual site, so let us know some of your wants, needs, desires and yearnings.

We'd love to hear from you!

The Global Leather Village is an experiment using technology to serve the needs of the growing Leather community.

In the past, communication and dissemination of information regarding the safe, sane and consensual practices of the Leather world were done primarily through fliers, pamphlets, magazines and organizations. However, with the advent of the computer and the rise of the Internet, we now have an opportunity to reach around the world and acknowledge a true community.

Towards this aim, LeatherWeb and the Global Leather Village were organized. Currently, the Village is composed of seven parts in three separate divisions (some of which are developing or planned expansion areas):

  • News
    "The Leather News Bureau". This section will be devoted to listing and arranging items of general interest to the Leather community. This includes monitoring important legal, social and community issues that may affect Leather citizens in the U.S. and around the world. Take your stand. Get involved NOW - not after the fact!

  • Education
    At LeatherWeb we believe in and practice the motto "Safe, Sane and Consensual" (even if you 'consent' to default; everything that happens to you in your life is your responsibility). In the Education section of the Village we offer not only information on safe Leather practices, but also news on workshops, information guides and organizations; who's who, archives and events. This is the primary "How-To" section of the LeatherWeb.

  • Town Council
    In any village, decisions are made by consensus of the inhabitants. In the Town Council area we ask for feedback, present issues for discussion, and offer visitors a chance to help improve the Village. LeatherWeb also offers you the opportunity of scheduling on-line chats about relevant issues. In the past, Leather practice and protocol were handed down from elder to sibling. In recent times this tradition has been interrupted with the advent of HIV which has resulted in the loss of a major portion of an entire generation. Today we have a culture of villagers over 40 and another under 30 of age with a vast frontier in between. LeatherWeb and its Town Council hope to apply new technologies with traditional practices to re-connect the exchange between the elders and the new generation. We link here with LeatherWeb's Education Section to provide who's who, organizations and archives of events and activities.
    The wise word from the Tribal Council is "Learn the ways before you change the ways".

  • Marketplace
    Organized by areas of interest (we call them "walkways"), the marketplace will offer businesses a chance to provide their wares to an interested audience. Many parts of the Village will be interlinked to the Marketplace as well.

  • Calendar
    Where to go, what to do... have we got something for you! In the initial stages, the calendar will publish only Los Angeles and major International events, but we expect to quickly provide coverage in all major global regions where the Leather Village resides. (In fact we are looking for representatives to join us in this evolution - leave us your message in the Town Council section.)

  • Dungeon/Personals
    Arranged by region the dungeon is a place for finding the 'actual' reality of this virtual Village. There are separate classifieds for each of the three levels of the Village: Gay; Lesbian; and Heterosexual. We acknowledge that in some parts of the world there are those who do not delineate between heterosexual and homosexual practices.

  • Caverns/Fetish
    For those whose primary interest is fetish, this section is devoted to News, Information, Publications, Gear, Organizations, Events and contacts for every erotic activity we can imagine or you can suggest.
And more.

We're also interested in what you'd like to see, so give us your input on what you'd like on the LeatherWeb.


We've tried to make it as easy as possible to get around the villiage.

You will see many places (usually at the end of the page) where we've listed clickable words to take you "Back to the LeatherWeb Homepage" (Where you saw the Leather Flag and over 21 Warning) or "Back to the Village Menu" (this page right here).

We've also put the Netscape-clickable image map you see beside this to information for people of other orientations while still staying in the section you're in. When you're on the Calendar page for Women, clicking on the left button labeled "Men" will take you to the Calendar page for Men.

Clicking on the Leatherweb logo takes you back to the next higher level. If you're in the Caverns/Fetish Section for Heterosexuals, it will take you to the Village Menu for Heterosexuals. If you click it from the Village Menu pages it will take you back to the LeatherWeb Homepage.

And when you're really confused and don't see anything clickable...
...just hit the BACK button of your browser!


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