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When you think you have seen it all or heard it all, well think again. Two Thousand Seven so far has been an unbelievable year. Especially within the leather community. We all know there was no ABW this year for reasons that still somewhat remain a mystery. However in recent weeks a press release was issued informing all who are interested that ABW will be revived and will make an appearance during the summer of 2008. It will not be held in the nations capital.

American Brotherhood Weekend, under the leadership of Dean Ogren will be moving south and will premiere in New Orleans, LA sometime in July or August. What a lovely thought, leather in hot, humid Nawleans. Well, IMsL was held in Omaha, NE for a number of years in the middle of the summer, so why not sweat in the big easy.

The same weekend that announcement was made in Dallas, it was also announced that a new owner would be taking over the reigns of Intl. Leather Sir/boy. Mark Frazier, owner of the Dallas Eagle will add this contest to his resume. Rumor has it that the contest will relocate to the city by the Golden Gate (SF). The contest is slated to be held the weekend of the Dore Alley Fair. At least one can wear leather in SF in the summer.

Leather sashes have been draped over the shoulders of a number of new title holders from coast to coast. One of the most recent, was the selection of Mr. Eagle NY 2008 Peter Schwartz. Peter kept the title in the family. He is the partner of Rick Weber, who was Mr. Eagle NY 2007. This way they can share the same trophy case. Scott Harris, MAL 06, was the runner up. The Eagle was packed to the rafters that evening and the contest was a huge success. It was also the 37th anniversary of the Eagle. Stunning pins were given out and everyone was clamoring for one. Brian Kent Mr. Eagle NY 2004 emceed the event, and the crowd had a blast.

One week after the Eagle contest the selection of Mr. East Coast Rubber 2008 was held at the Eagle. Needless to say there was drama. When the winner was announced, much to the dismay of those in charge a recount was asked for, and yep, you guessed it the runner up John Weis was the winner. A certain person was not too happy to hear that news.

The Double L bar in Rehoboth Beach, DE held their Mr. Double L Leather 2008 contest in September. Outgoing Mr. Double L, Gary Samuels (2007) passed the sash to the winner Karl Hornberger. He will compete at MAL in January. The Double L has been very successful with three of their winners going on to capture the Mr. MAL title and placing at IML during their title year.

The DC Eagle will be hosting their leather contest in 4 weeks. Always a fun crowd at that event. which is the weekend before Thanksgiving. Joe Hurchick Mr DC Eagle 2007 will be passing the sash to a new winner.

The Mr. Old Dominion Leather contest will be held this Friday in Norfolk, Virginia, Rudy Benevides steps aside. Rudy was runner up at MAL 07. The contest will be held at the Garage.

The Mr.a nd Ms. New Jersey Leather contest will be held at the Circuit in Asbury Park, NJ Saturday October 20.The winner will compete at MAL in January 2008

The popular Baltimore Eagle bar lost their owner Rich Richardson a week ago. Rich was very well known up and down the East coast as well as across the country. He will be greatly missed. Per his wishes, the bar has remained open 7 days a week, and never a cover charge. Sympathy to his family and the staff and management.

Lemon Meringue Dish.....

What's with some leather contestants who do not have a clue when it comes to character, values, and morals? Imagine winning a title only to have it snatched. Ya think there is something wrong with sleeping with a judge who is judging the contest you have entered? Even worse, on the weekend of the contest. But then what does that say about the Judge?

And then we have the contestant who had to relinquish his title due to personal reasons. Personal indeed. The reason being a slight legal charge boarding on female sexual harassment and more. Now why would a person straight (supposidly gay) even enter a gay men's leather event? Perhaps judges need to be a bit more diligent with their duties during the interview? Perhaps a background check is in order. Scandals such as this do little boost the image of the leather community.

Should there be a limit on how many times a person can enter a leather contest? If you enter a contest and win in one state, what would compel you enter another contest in another state? The contestant entered and won that title, and will make another appearance at IML 2008. Does it take two titles to do what you can do with one? Or, does someone have a severe case of sash rash?

Inquiring minds would like to know how long did it take a 15 minute titleholder to slip off the sash that he did not rightfully win. Hopefully the right winner was able to wear it at his victory celebration the following day. Hello?

And to those people who have questioned a conflict of interest when a judge on a panel suddenly is judging his significant other. Should he relinquish his spot on the panel in the interest of fairness to the other contestants and recuse himself from judging that contestant or, should the contestant hold off, and not enter?

And just think there are still two more months left of 2007

Peter Schwartz
Mr.D.C.Eagle 2007

Left to right David Oravez Mr Eagle NY 2002
Vern- and Emcee, Brian Kent,
Mr. Eagle NY 2004

Karl Hornberger
Mr. Double L Leather

DOC Folsom Street East

Men Of ONYX - Folsom Street East

DOC-Folsom East
Mr.Leatherman Of Color '07

Folsom Street Fair East

New York Gay Pride

New York Gay Pride

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Seems as though that phrase had a much larger meaning this past week. Donald Trump's favorite two words floated all the way up to the executive board rooms of CNBC and CBS in New York City. By now nearly everyone in the United States has heard the story of Shock Jock Don Imus and his racist comments regarding the female basketball team from Rutgers University. Oddly enough this is not the first time. I suspect that it will not be the last.

  Hip hop rap artists and the music industry should be the next target to be taken down a notch or four. But the public's memory is very short and once this has blown over, racist comments will once again surface from those in a position of influence and power. Who can remember the slur that Jimmy (the Greek) Synder made about black athletes? or actor  Ted Danson. What is even more outrageous is the fact that we cannot single out just whites. Blacks have had their hand in disrespecting females and members of their own race under the guise of comedy.

   We must take a long hard look at ourselves. Members of the gay community both leather and otherwise cannot turn their heads and shut off their hearing to the racist comments that are uttered on a daily basis. Last year the Baltimore, MD. gay community experienced a  racial situation. Members of a Los Angeles gay club subjected guest to an outrageous display of ignorance by making disparaging remarks concerning blacks.

   The nations capital has suffered it's share of racial epthets from some of the members of so called leather and gay community. Of course it was swept under the carpet and life went on. San Francisco handled their discrimination problems upon several occasions by boycotting the establishments involved.

   Members of our society who are uncomfortable with prejudice and racism, can look at Don Imus and hope that other DJ's and radio and TV commentators who think that speaking their mind and spewing their personal prejudices is what the American public accepts and wants to hear ignorant comments. Pink slips are printed in large stacks.

   On the leather agenda, IMsl 2007 returned to the city of it's orgin. San Francisco rolled out the red carpet. IMsL owner Glenda Ryder did a hell of a job bringing the city together. A large attendance of both guest and contestants made it a success. The announcement that it would be once again held in the City by the Bay next year insured that the attendance will be even larger.

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