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I was just too exotic.

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A Timeline of Rodney Earl Jordan

Born: 10-12-52, on Shaw AFB, South Carolina
Libra Sun, Leo Moon, Virgo Rising

Mother: Pearl Burroughs; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Father: James Jordan, Sr; Macon, Georgia

Rodney is survived by his parents, his three older sisters (Ann, Frankie, and Caroline), and his older brother, James Jr., of Sacramento, California, as well as by his younger adopted brother, Rob, of Glendale, Arizona.

Heritage: African, Caucasian, Seminole

Rodney began school in South Carolina at a time when drinking fountains, rest rooms and theaters were segregated. At eleven years of age he relocated, with the military, to England, and later to Beale AFB, in Sacramento, where he was a member of the Boy Scouts of America. He returned to England, in 1968, and then moved back to Sacramento where he graduated high school.

After high school graduation, he attended Sacramento Community College where he majored in music. Rodney was an excellent musician, playing percussion, flute and clarinet. In the mid 70's he graduated from Heald College, in San Francisco, as a Computer Technician.

The following chart is based on a theory of a natural life being composed of twelve seven year cycles - one for each sign of the zodiac. It is said that there are two major epiphanies in life, the first occurring around the age of 28 and the second around the age of 56.

This chart represents the transition from the physical (the first four cycles), the mental (the second four), and the spiritual primary focus and perspective in life (comprising the final four).

Additionally, the seven year cycles alternate masculine/feminine, and extrovert/introvert. Rodney's life does indeed closely follow this matrix.

Aries - Age 0-7 - 1952-1959

Taurus - Age 7-14- 1959-1966

Gemini - Age 14-21 -1966-1972 - Rodney transited his thoughts of being a rock-star and moved to San Francisco. He was homeless for a period of time, and lived in a group home. He then obtained employment as a switchboard operator for a Presbyterian Hospital (the same hospital where he died, now called California Pacific Medical Center - Pacific Campus). Afterward, he received his technical training and subsequent employment at Southern Pacific Railroad.

Cancer - Age 21-28 - 1972-1980 - Rodney followed the popular trends of the times, living in the Castro, in San Francisco, experimenting with drugs and even selling weed, but he never overindulged anything. The most significant symbol of this epiphany was his coming together with his first partner Elie Natif (Tunisia) in 1979. Their union ended after eleven years, in 1991, when Elie died from AIDS complications.

Leo - Age 28-35 - 1980-1987 - Expansion and Aggression Cycle: During this time, Rodney was in full swing, dancing with his Middle-Eastern Troupe.

Virgo - Age 35-42 - 1987-1994 - Introspection. Rod and Eli took up Buddhist Practice. Rod continued his quest with Crystal Healing when he became critically ill with Cryptosporidium, from which he fully recovered. At this time, God gave Rodney a 'second chance' for another ten years. He certainly made the most of it by living in the moment and bringing Joy to nearly everyone he encountered. He revered life!

Libra - Age 42-49 - 1994-2001 - After a number of false starts with men from around the world, Rod met his soul-mate, Philip, in 1996. It was an instant bond "for ever and ever." During this cycle, Rod retired from his twenty year career in data communications at Southern Pacific Railroad (he was responsible for all the tracks west of the Mississippi). Rod then found his passion, and his calling, as a practitioner of Energy Work using crystals, healing touch, and intuitive pressure massage. He became an ordained minister and continued his interest in computer technology as a hobby and community service.

Scorpio - Age 49-56 - 2001-2003 - Scorpio is known as Death/Rebirth, and in this instance it manifested as a physical death. His passing was hastened by the biological failure of his body, brought upon by the drugs he was given to control his HIV/AIDS.

Rodney's life as a Leatherman with Phil Ross was always Spiritual. The discipline and practice of this alternative sexuality was, for him, first and foremost, Spiritual. If his life could be summed up in a single contribution it would be DIGNITY.

During his life w/ROSS, Rodt attended New Thought Churches: East Bay Church of Religious Science in Oakland, AGAPE in Los Angeles, and Chapel on the Hill in Atlanta. The Agape Choir is a regular staple in the House of Ross.

Rod's best friends in Life were:

Roy, who lives in Washington, DC
Diggit, who surrendered his life to drugs
John, who succumbed to AIDS.

He adored Tori (who now owns her own home in San Francisco where he celebrated rodt's surprise 50th birthday party), from age six months, and especially his precious child, Oren (who is now a filmmaker in Paris), the son of his first lover Elie Natif.

Rodney learned about life through his relationships. Through his pictures, one can see how he invested his 'all' in change of image, and the discovery of culture and values, which resulted in an ever flourishing collage of self-expression.

Rodney traveled to Europe, Israel, and Hawaii. In 1997, with his partner Phil, he became a full-time RV'er, crisscrossing North America, and living on beautiful lakes and rivers across Northern California. His partner continues to live in their RVs on Clear Lake. Rodney loved natural things and once out of the city he was happy not to return.

Rodney danced for the Egyptian Embassy and for Robert Mondovi in Napa Valley. He danced a command performance at the wedding and bonding of Mistress Catrina and slave Dan at APEX in Phoenix.

Rod was active in HIV/AIDS service, helping with the San Francisco Dance-A-Thons. He taught computer classes at the HIV Drop-In Center in Clearlake, and was active with the five NE California counties Mountain Aids Consortium. He was also Co-Chair of the Mendicino Community Health Center Advisory Board in Lakeport, California. Rodney received awards for both his HIV/AIDS service and for his career at Southern Pacific.

With his partner, Rodt participated in numerous alternative lifestyle workshops all across America, including the National Conference of Black and White Men Together, and at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Phi and Rod's relationship is celebrated at

Rod remained contemporary throughout his life. He saw the Beatles at the Royal Playhouse in London, in 1966, and many concerts in and around San Francisco. He loved Cirque du Soleil and anything Egyptian.

His media habits were eclectic, and ranged from World Music to Star Trek. He liked bull riding and baseball - especially the Giants. His favorite soap opera was Days of Our Lives. He and Phil watched The View daily and had a standing date to watch The West Wing. Even at the hospital they would stop everything, cuddle up in the bed and enjoy the drama.

Rod was a fashion follower, a leather peacock, and ever exotic. Most of all he was an Anglophile with a reverence of anything "royal," be that English, African or Old Guard Leather.

And lest we not forget - Rodt was a Trekkie! Science Fiction was a part of his cosmology. He was also a great cook; his favorite dish was Tunisian "macoud."

Phil and Rodney were planning a tour of Europe (Automotive and Leather) in the spring of 2004, and a boat-camping tour of America in the summer of '04 as well. Only after that were they considering settling in somewhere in an alternative lifestyle setting.

Rodney was a true storyteller. "rodt the Griot (pronounced gree-oh), I thought I was all that, but when he had a story going on, I would shut down everything and just listen. rodt always spoke to me through his stories to others." - Master Phil Ross

This website is his memorial.

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