The Book of rodt - relationships

Spirit did not intend for boi to be alone for long.

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We had only been there a few minutes, when boi's Husband-to-be walked by. He walked several feet past us, then stopped, turned and looked boi straight in the eyes for what seemed like an eternity and walked away. His stare sent lighting bolts through boi's entire being and left him numb. John turned to boi and simply said "go for it." boi is very shy and rarely makes a first move. Spirit grabbed boi by the ass and pushed him around the dance floor til he came to where this man was dancing (alone). Spirit pushed boi in front of this man and made boi's mouth speak. "would you like to dance" boi asked (stupid question, he was already dancing). He said "Yes" in a very heavy accent, which later boi found to be French/Israeli.

Master Phil Ross:
boi saw its Master for the first time at the Folsom St. fair last year. boi, leaving the fair to go back to the Castro, felt a powerful force as he was walking, turned to see a hot handsome man staring at him as they walked in opposite directions across a sea of faces. We stared at each other til we both disappeared in the crowd. boi just sighed and kept on walking. Eventually ended up at a salt and pepper bar in the Castro. While sitting there this handsome stranger walked past. boi looked at him and said "you're the one." Sir came over, sat next to boi and grabbed boi's leg. We started talking and pretty soon Sir had boi between His legs. Master took boi by the throat with His strong hands and asked, "What's the first thing that comes to your mind?" boi looked into Master's eyes and said "Trust." boi had come out of the closet as a gay man twenty seven years ago and was now about to come out of the closet a second time and into the limelight of the Gay Leatherfetish world. boi began his 24/7 training with its Master a week later on the phone.